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The Business Startup Kit

is a 6-week program designed to support women with high ambition and drive to launch a business or to scale an existing business.

We help women with high ambition go from being stuck, lost and anxious to following their dreams through learning profitable skills and strategy to create their own thriving businesses in order to live life on their own terms.

About the Coaches

Two sisters, Tegan and Allison Buckley, have created a program for aspiring business women to learn profitable and actionable tools and strategies in order to build confidence and believe in themselves fully when it comes to creating a business and life of their dreams.

Tegan Buckley

Digital Marketing & Small Business Coach. Owner/Director Mallee Marketing Pty Ltd

Allison Buckley

Health & Wellness Coach. Online Business Strategist. Owner Allison Buckley Naturopath.

“Allison and I have both started our own businesses. In the early days we were both stuck in jobs that we found dull and have always had aspirations to create something for ourselves so that we could live our lives on our own terms. For me I created a business that went from 0 to 6 figures in 8 months and for Allison it meant following her passion in health and wellness through strategic online coaching so she could earn a living wherever she wanted in the world.” – Tegan Buckley, Owner/Director, Mallee Marketing Pty Ltd.

How to sign up

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? 
As cheesy as this sounds, we can certainly promise something… if you hang out with us for 6 weeks in our Business Startup Kit program you are likely to start believing and trusting in yourself and your capabilities. You will also have clear direction, actual business tools, accountability and support. You are not alone in your business journey. We have been there done that. We have seen success and made plenty of mistakes along the way!

We are pulling back the curtains and helping you by taking away some of your second guessing, doubt and loneliness that comes from starting and running a business.

Life’s one big play pen.
Are you ready to take control of the game?

Join us in The Business Startup Kit 6 week program!
Commencing on Monday 9 August 2021.

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