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How To Create Engaging Content (THAT STOPS PEOPLE SCROLLING)

Did you know 6 seconds is all it takes to grab a person’s attention on the internet? No pressure guys, but when you’re posting content on your business pages you’ve got to make those first few seconds count to stop the scroll.

Want to find out how? I’ve got some handy tips in this blog!

Hi I’m Tegan Buckley. Thanks for tuning in today. I’m excited to share with you my best advice on how to create engaging content that stops the scrolling! Whether that be for your social media, website blog or emailing campaigns.

Let’s dive in.


Start by posting what your target audience wants to see – relevancy is key!

So how do you know what your audience wants to see?

Well, the most effective way to find out what you can be posting is through continuous observation and research. Get that content out of your brain and onto social media to benefit your target customers.

Where to find good inspo?

Look at Businesses doing well with their socials in your industry who are also targeting your type of customer and observe closely.

Now, I’m not suggesting you copy your competitors’ content. I’m more so advising you view your competitors as a community hub – they are after all in your same industry or niche!

I still believe we can remain authentic in the way we post online even while having a quick glance over at our competitors pages. I just don’t advise doing this too often due to the risk of creativity block – more on that another day!

Here are a few things you can keep in mind when doing a sneaky investigation.

Are there any patterns about the way your competitors post?

For example, the structure of their posts, the time they post, any reoccurring information, key words, hashtags, links or images?

What content seems to generate the most engagement for them? E.g. likes/comments/shares?

Look at their audience – what people are engaging with their content? Are these people/groups/businesses? Are they like the people you would like to attract onto your list?

Start writing down what type of content is doing well in your industry. That’s your starting point.

Then don’t be afraid to do some testing. In fact, I encourage you to always make time for experimenting! Figure out what works and what doesn’t. Then do what works (i.e. post the content you know does well in your niche) and do what comes most naturally to you.


Truly figure out what your target audiences’ problems and pain points are in order to really create valuable content.

Helping your customer fix something that is an issue for them to make their life easier is super valuable.

Start a survey (free platforms: Survey Monkey or Google Forms) or even a poll on your Facebook page, or stories. Write to your respondents, ask them what their biggest struggles are relevant to your niche.

It’s good to keep the survey very simple: Ask only what you need to know. All of us are busy, but if you construct a good survey, the response rate can be 50 percent or higher.

Some questions could be:

What are you struggling with right now?

Try angle this question to be specific to your niche/industry e.g. What about your health are you struggling with?

What is the number one question you have about xyz? 

How can I help you regarding the above problems/questions?


Now this strategy is a gold. I’m sure it’s been around for a while and many people use it, but if this is your first time hearing it– well you can thank me later!

Breath new life into your existing content.

Squeezing content basically works like this:

Say I am going to upload a video to YouTube on a Tuesday. My content squeezing schedule goes a little like this:

Monday: Promote new video. Call to action (CTA) I want my audience to tune in at 6pm to learn how they can master their social media content.

Tuesday: YouTube Video goes live. Promote on Facebook page, Instagram (and FB & IG stories) that the new video is out. (I would also send a heads-up email to my list).

The following fortnight: grab a really catchy quote from my script and post on my platforms with link to the YT video.

Upload Video natively to IGTV and my Facebook page 1 week later.

You can literally grab quotes and screenshots from the one video and re-purpose content for months afterwards. Your audience will also vary in how they want this information to be presented to them. Some people love reading blogs, so the script from the video and some screenshots would be placed on my website blog, or some people like simple and to the point infographics with minimal text and words so they can get the gist of the main key points.

I will make this word template available to download for free in the description of this video so go check it out at the end.

There are so many creative ways you can re-purpose your content (without reinventing the wheel every few days and banging your head against your desk coming up with new content)!

I hope these few tips inspire you to be authentic within your work and have fun rather than continuously feeling stuck.

If you found this blog valuable, please be sure to take a screenshot and share it out on your social media so it can reach more people.

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