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What to post on social media when you don’t have a clue

Are you unsure how or what to POST on Social Media? Spend way too much time thinking about what you could post and then procrastinating to the point where you end up not posting anything at all?

In this blog, I’m giving you my very own posting structure and some really good post ideas to take away and use for yourself!

What to post on Social Media. In this blog I outline the 5 steps I take when creating social media posts.

Step 1: Create an interesting main headline in your status to stop people from scrolling.
This headline needs to be relevant to your target audience:
So, what do they want to know/see?
What will help/entertain/inspire them?

Step 2. Write a short valuable description under the main headline keeping in mind that on social media short, punchy and ‘impactful’ posts are key.

You don’t need to write 500 words for every post. 1 paragraph or 3-4 sentences is enough for social media. Hence why I often suggest to my students and clients to write 1 blog a week or every few weeks at 500 words, then grab as many variations or paragraphs from the blog (it could be up to 5 posts out of that one blog), that are suitable to stand alone as a social media post. This is called squeezing content and saving you time. Why bother reinventing the wheel when you have already spent an hour or so writing a blog and publishing it on your website.

Step 3. Then add a Call To Action. For example, it could be a link to your website/FAQs page/the rest of the Blog. Just keep in mind though, for Instagram you will need to have a business/professional account to add a link to your bio, because links in standard Instagram posts are not live. Just let people know to check out the link in your bio on Instagram.

You can add links to your IGTV episodes though. I also find with Facebook posts that my posts are pushed by the algorithm better if I don’t have a link in the action post. I might just say, link in the comments, and then people click on the link in the comments.. which gets around the whole fact that Facebook wants users to stay on facebook. So try not to post external links directly in your posts, rather put them in the comments. Same with YouTube videos, rather than posting a link dragging your audience off of Facebook to YouTube, post your videos natively to Facebook and also on Instagram’s IGTV to boost your engagement levels.

Step 4. Add Hashtags & Location

No more than 25 hashtags for Instagram and I stick to 5 maximum with Facebook posts just as it looks a bit spammy on Facebook, whereas Instagram can handle 25 and it doesn’t appear to be spammy. Some people post their hashtags in the comments of the actual post on Instagram to keep the clutter down on the main post text.

Step 5. Upload an interesting, clear, good quality photo or video

Step 6. Click schedule/publish
Check your insights to see what time your followers are online or stick to the general 6-9pm at night posting rule as most of us are scrolling our news feeds around then.

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