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Should you take your Agribusiness online?

Alysha Eckert Mallee Marketing

There’s no disputing it – we are doing more online than ever before. From clothes to grocery shopping and even large pieces of machinery, you can buy it online.

While many Agri-businesses have already jumped aboard the online express, there are many out there who operate very successfully without an online presence. Whichever category you fall in, by the end of this you will know whether online is right for you. 

Let’s look at just some of the opportunities being online can offer.

It can save you time

Perhaps the most valuable resource of all – having a website gives you a space to show important information such as:

  •   Who you are
  •   What you do
  •   The goods and/or services you can offer
  •   Client testimonials
  •   Your location/s
  •   Contact details
  •   Opening hours

People do not have to ring you to find out basic information, meaning you have more time to focus on the important things.

It is like placing a brochure in someone’s hand at any hour of the day, in any location in the world – except that you don’t have to.

It can save you money

Newspaper ads costs hundreds and sometimes thousands. While it’s great to have a balance of advertising across various mediums, we unfortunately have no way of tracking data and whose eyes have seen your ads in newspapers. Don’t get us wrong, we love supporting local and regional newspapers! However, if we compare this ad spend to social media, a single ad can cost as low as a few cents** to reach the exact people you want to see your offering.

**Results differ depending on a lot of different variations – Facebook ads is a blog for another time.

Online advertising is targeted, trackable and measurable.

I will take a deep dive into this in a future blog post, but the main point is, the internet can record EVERYTHING. Scary? Maybe, but for businesses, it is extremely powerful. Marketing through social media allows you to advertise directly to your target audience and focus only on those who are likely to engage with your business. You can also measure things like; which of your products get the most interest, or where your customers come from. Compare this to traditional print where it is hard to know if an ad is successful, or if it ended up in someone’s compost bin without them ever seeing it.

The opportunity to represent your business the way you want to.

Being online offers your business the opportunity to showcase your brand the way you intended. People value transparency, so being able to show who you are and what you do boosts your brand credibility enormously. Having access to this type of information is incredibly important for prospective customers in this age. Think of the times you have chosen a café because they advertised their opening hours, or they had positive reviews, over one who didn’t.

You can process payments online.

When people can transact online, it is much easier for them to pay you. It is quicker, safer and less hassle for both you and the customer. Imagine, people could not only purchase goods, they could also place deposits, give pre-payment for services – the only limit is your imagination.

These are just a handful of the many, many ways the internet can boost your business. Online search has become the #1-way people look for goods and services and being able to find a business online is something people have come to expect.

If you are an agribusiness who is contemplating whether online is right for you, not sure how to get started or what might be the best approach? Feel free to reach out to the team at Mallee Marketing.

Now is always the perfect time.

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